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Escape to the seaside with beach clothing and accessories from our Angels range for kids. These sweet bikinis and swimsuits will make a splash on holiday, and beach dresses, playsuits and sandals will take them from the shore to the town. Don’t forget to pack our cute sunglasses with UV protection for when the sun has got his hat on.


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  • Ibiza Neon Footbed Sandals
    Accessorize Angels
    Ibiza Neon Footbed Sandals
  • Boho Floral Print Bikini
    Accessorize Angels
    Boho Floral Print Bikini
  • Flower Jelly Flip Flops
    Accessorize Angels
    Flower Jelly Flip Flops
  • Beaded Stripe Seagrass Flip Flop
    Beaded Stripe Seagrass Flip Flop
  • Printed Floral Wayfarers Sunglasses
    Printed Floral Wayfarers Sunglasses
  • Butterfly Metal Aviator
    Butterfly Metal Aviator
  • Flower Metal Aviator Sunglasses
    Flower Metal Aviator Sunglasses
  • Stripy Pom Pom Kaftan
    Stripy Pom Pom Kaftan
  • Sherbet Speckled Straw Hat
    Sherbet Speckled Straw Hat
  • Gold Shimmer Floppy Straw Hat
    Gold Shimmer Floppy Straw Hat
  • Mexicana Aztec Print Playsuit
    Mexicana Aztec Print Playsuit
  • Flamingo Print Flip Flops
    Flamingo Print Flip Flops